Gruden gabs with Gabbert at 'QB Camp'

For the latest video installment of his "QB Camp," Jon Gruden meets with Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert, a possibility for the Buffalo Bills with the third overall pick.

Gruden scrutinizes one of Gabbert's biggest perceived flaws: a lack of experience handling direct snaps from underneath the center.

Gruden and Gabbert explore how that reputation might be a fallacy.

"Does that sting your hands?" Gruden asks. "Does that bother you while you're under there?"

Gabbert insists those snaps are not like sunlight to a vampire.

"Doesn't matter one bit," Gabbert says. "We work on it every day in practice. You eliminate the mistakes in the game."

But Gruden then picks apart how much harder Gabbert must work to sell fake handoffs and other footwork when dropping back from a direct snap to "be a great ball handler."