Simms bullish on Sanchez, Stafford

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

CBS Sports color commentator Phil Simms will call Sunday's game at Reliant Stadium between the New York Jets and Houston Texans.

The opinionated former New York Giants quarterback shared his thoughts on Jets rookie Mark Sanchez and No. 1 overall draft pick Matthew Stafford making their debuts this weekend.

On the anticipation surrounding Sanchez and Stafford:

"They have validated everything people have thought about them in the draft. If it had been up to me -- not that I have the knowledge or resources that NFL teams have -- I thought they were the first and second players in the draft. And from what I have seen, this preseason backs up what I thought. Their talents are going to translate very well to the NFL."

On what Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer can do for Sanchez:

"The most important thing is both teams have offensive coordinators that are going to build their offense around what [Sanchez and Stafford] do best. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with Mark Sanchez this week. Brian Schottenheimer is the perfect match in every way. I like what he does as an offensive coordinator. He is young and wants to show off Mark Sanchez's talents and personality."

On Sanchez's transition from Southern California to the NFL:

"The big thing for Sanchez, which I'll talk about this weekend, is the difference between the pros and college football. In the pros, there will be long stretches where you have no chance to make plays. How you deal with those long stretches really determines the outcome of many games. You just have to wait and show patience. You might have to wait three weeks. You just hang in there and try not to throw any gas on the fire. And then when it’s your turn, you do it."