Soon to be stars: Brandon Spikes

Scouts Inc.’s Matt Williamson looks at AFC East players on the verge of a breakout in 2011.

The Patriots’ roster is littered with impressive young players. But Brandon Spikes is the perfect fit as the heavier take-on inside linebacker in Bill Belichick’s 3-4 scheme. Pass coverage -- particularly man coverage against tight ends and swifter running backs -- will probably always be a problem for Spikes, but what Spikes does, he does very well.

This guy stops the run. And he stops the run very well. Spikes is a downhill player who is very quick to react. He does his best work between the tackles and as a fantastic take-on linebacker. He is also the ideal complement to Jerod Mayo, who is more of the athletic free-lancing type. Spikes rarely plays a bad game and is a model of consistency -- even at such a young age (23). Even though coverage is not Spikes’ forte due to limited foot quickness, he does show a strong understanding of zone coverage and is quick to recognize routes.

Spikes did not appear in the last four regular-season games of 2010 due to a suspension for a banned substance, and that is a cause for concern. But this is a very tough player who will play through injury and will set the tone for his teammates. Just like he was as a leader of an excellent Florida Gators defense, Spikes will be extremely productive for one of the NFL’s elite franchises.

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