Bruschi shows range on mountain climb

Two years ago, I wonder if Tedy Bruschi knew what a dateline was. I'm fairly certain he had no clue one from Tanzania would appear under his byline one day.

Bruschi, the ESPN analyst and former New England Patriots linebacker, is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project. Also on the expedition are former Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher, former Philadelphia Eagles tight end Chad Lewis and four injured military veterans.

Bruschi has been chronicling the mission for ESPNBoston.com and filed his fourth report Monday. The group has reached an altitude where clouds are rolling past them, not over them.

Wrote Bruschi:

When I was researching Kilimanjaro, I read that it was somewhat of a gradual climb. Maybe I think differently from other people, because I'm an inexperienced climber, but this seemed like anything but a gradual climb. There was steep, rocky terrain that we had to go up.

Watching the Wounded Warriors go up was just amazing to me. To see two single-leg amputees -- Bryan Wagner and Ben Lunak -- lead the way and climb up these steep cliff ... Nancy Schiliro can't see out of her left eye as she lost her left eye in the war ... Michael Wilson is still experiencing the results of traumatic brain injury ... to see them conquering this climb is absolutely inspiring to me.

Bruschi explains the climb in great detail, from a white raven that has been following them to the colorful flowers in bloom despite the elevation to how they're eating.

I've always been a fan of "Bruschi's Beakdown" columns with ESPNBoston.com reporter Mike Reiss during the season. Looks like Bruschi has some range when it comes to sharing his experiences.