2012 Big Board? That's Kiper being Kiper

In Mel Kiper's world there are only two seasons: draft season and getting ready for draft season.

ESPN's draft master already has compiled his first Big Board for the 2012 draft.

Based on Kiper's early assessment, teams still in need of a quarterback -- and there should be plenty --will have a chance to land a good one. Three of his top 10 prospects are underclassman quarterbacks.

No surprise that Stanford's Andrew Luck tops the list. USC's Matt Barkley is fifth and Oklahoma's Landry Jones is 10th.

Keep in mind that Kiper's first Big Board for the 2008 draft considered Louisville quarterback Brian Brohm the best player.

In another ESPN Insider piece, Kiper produced a top-five list for every position in next year's draft.

The guy's a nut.