Would you prefer Jets or Pats 2010 season?

A select few recurring arguments take place in the comments sections under my blogs.

Mark Sanchez versus Chad Henne is a popular one.

"The New England Patriots haven't won anything since Spygate" is another.

Then there's which team is better: the Patriots or the New York Jets?

Last week's AFC East chat featured the Jets-Patriots debate. I was asked which team I thought would win the division in 2011. There are too many unanswered questions, particularly with free agency, to make an honest prediction. But that doesn't stop readers from asking me to state my opinion for the record.

Assuming the Jets have another strong free-agency period, and based on the knowledge they went 2-1 against the Patriots last year, I've gone with the Jets.

It's a prediction, not a lifestyle, folks.

But when I posted the AFC East chat transcript, readers erupted in the comments section -- not necessarily to discuss my prediction, but to argue with each other over the strength of each club.

The crux focuses on these two key points:

Dude, the Patriots went 14-2 last year and have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick!

Oh, yeah? The Jets beat the Patriots in the playoffs and went to the AFC Championship Game!

So I asked SportsNation to set up a poll and put the question up for consideration.

Who had the better season last year? The 14-2 Patriots, who lost their only playoff game? Or the wild-card Jets who won two road playoff games before losing one step short of the Super Bowl?