Why Orton is best QB on proverbial market

KC Joyner, aka the Football Scientist, takes an analytical look at why Kyle Orton is underrated and, therefore, may be the best option of all the potentially available quarterbacks out there.

The Miami Dolphins have said they're in the market for a quarterback, and when they didn't draft one last month, it has intensified talk they'll pursue a name veteran as a replacement for Chad Henne. The Denver Broncos might want to move Orton.

Orton has a career winning record, including 21-12 in three seasons with the Chicago Bears. He has thrown 71 touchdown passes and 48 interceptions.

Joyner emphasized a few stats in which Orton ranked in the top 10 last season: 7.5 yards per attempt, 11.5 yards in vertical yards per attempt and 18.7 yards in attempts that traveled 20 yards or farther in the air.

Joyner also points out that since 2008 Orton's passer rating is right there with an elite group of quarterbacks.