Rex Ryan goes to Gibbs, Moore for advice

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan has spent part of the lockout flipping through his Rolodex in search of advice on how to improve his team.

Ryan has met with coaches he respects, including former Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore and former Miami Dolphins running backs coach Bobby Jackson about ways to improve production.

Ryan also has reached out to Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs for tips on dealing with labor troubles.

"When they went through some work stoppages, the last two times the Washington Redskins won two Super Bowls," Ryan said on NewYorkJets.com. "So I figured that would be a good guy to call."

Gibbs led the Redskins to Super Bowl titles after the 1982 and 1987 player strikes.

"He said 'Take this time to get better. Take time to gain an advantage on your opponents and whatever you think that is,' " Ryan said. "He gave me some ideas and I followed them to a T."

Ryan made the comments Wednesday at a business event in Manhattan.

He also said one of the Jets' priorities is to improve their red-zone offense.

"For a top team, it doesn't add up," Ryan said. "We do everything else well except when we get in the red zone. We absolutely struggled in the red zone. We are going to change our practice schedule. We are going to practice more red zone, and we are going to practice two-minute."

That's where Moore's input has been significant.

"Over the last six-year period, the Indianapolis Colts have been by far and away the most efficient offense in the red zone," Ryan said. "And this man has been the coach. It was interesting picking his brain. He's really helping us."