Jaworski: Buffalo's no-huddle 'a big mistake'

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Ron Jaworski was a guest on Friday's edition of "Mike & Mike in the Morning" to preview Monday night's game between the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots in Gillette Stadium.

The suburban Buffalo native had some strong words about his hometown team's insistence upon using the no-huddle offense, shared some insightful observations about Tom Brady's knee and talked up New York Jets rookie Mark Sanchez.

On whether the Bills have the weapons to run the no-huddle:

"They have the weapons. I don't think they have the ability. I'm not going to knock what they're trying to do ... I guess I am. Now you're going to get me lathered up.

"You got five offensive linemen. You're starting two rookies at guards. To me, you want to have guys in the huddle and call the play so there's communication. You walk to the line of scrimmage; 'Hey, here's what we're going to do when we get this front.' You plan as you go to the line of scrimmage. Now you're in the no-huddle. Trent Edwards is at the line of scrimmage, calling plays. There's very little time to react, to communicate.

"What I saw out of the Buffalo Bills in the preseason was a total lack of communication offensively. Yeah, the no-huddle sounds good when you got a 10-year veteran like Jim Kelly and veterans like Andre Reed and Kent Hull at the center position, all those wily, old veteran players, running a no-huddle offense. It's a lot easier than when you have a bunch of rookies and inexperienced guys.

"I think they're making a big mistake running the no-huddle."

On Brady's return from reconstructive knee surgery:

"When the pocket is clean and there's no bodies around you, there was a good step. There was a good transfer of weight, and all the mechanics were fine. But when there were people around him, you could tell he favored that left knee a little bit and favored that left leg. I saw a little breakdown of mechanics. That'll only come with confidence that the leg is solid and the offensive line can keep him clean."

On what he expects from Sanchez:

"I think Sanchez will play well. If there is a quarterback that has a chance to come out of the season maybe like a Matt Ryan, maybe like a Joe Flacco, it would be Sanchez. I think [Detroit Lions rookie Matthew] Stafford is going to be in for a long season. He just doesn't have many weapons around him.

"When you look at the Jets, Rex Ryan is going to have that defense playing. They're going to play solid defense. The Jets arguably have the best offensive line in football, very athletic, very strong. They do a terrific job. ... You got Thomas Jones in the backfield. You got a team that can run the football.

"They're not going to ask mark Sanchez to win the football game. They're going to say 'Don't lose it. We'll run the ball.' As Rex Ryan said, 'We'll probably have more rushes than any team in the NFL this year.' So they're going to run the football, play defense and let the quarterback -- hate to say it -- manage the game."