Revis not buying into labor excitement

Recent developments in NFL labor negotiations have created a dramatic spike in optimism the lockout could be over soon. The football community and media are buzzing. Many believe the whole mess could be over in a couple of weeks.

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis isn't in that group.

"You hear stuff, but I think it's people just talking, like rumors," Revis said in a story by New York Post reporter Brian Lewis.

Revis said at a charity event Wednesday night he remains skeptical about the latest hype and still considers it possible the entire 2011 season could be wiped out.

"It's really tough. It could go a lot of ways," Revis said. "They could think about just sitting this whole year and get ready to do the offseason thing and start it off like that and go into the next year. It's so late right now, and stuff is just getting pushed back so much."

I'm not buying into the excitement either, but I would bet my last dollar there will be football this year. I covered the NHL lockout that erased the 2004-05 season from beginning to end. I know it can happen, especially when the man who oversaw the NHL's labor negotiations, Bob Batterman, is working for the NFL now.

Even so, my prediction from the beginning has been that the entire 16-game regular-season schedule will be played. Maybe the lockout lasts into the first part of training camp and nibbles off a preseason game or two.

But reading that Revis still is contemplating a lost season does make you pause.