Dolphins, Bills must give fans more

ESPN The Magazine has compiled its ninth annual Ultimate Standings, a formula that measures how much teams give their fans.

Factored into the equation are Bang for the Buck (wins relative to revenues), fan relations, quality ownership, quality players, quality coaching, affordability, stadium experience and Title Track (championships already won or expected).

All 122 clubs in the four major North American sports were ranked. Here's a breakdown of the overall AFC East standings with highlights of individual categories.

38. New England Patriots

Bill Belichick ranked first in coaching, 10th in Title Track and 14th in players. But they were a robust 103rd in affordability. Winning in that market, of course, comes with a price. Among NFL clubs, the Patriots ranked seventh.

76. New York Jets

Rex Ryan gave the Jets a 10th place in coaching. But they were bogged down by triple-digit rankings in fan relations and affordability. The Jets also ranked 95th in stadium experience in their brand-spanking-new Meadowlands home.

101. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins' best ranking was Bang for the Buck, which was a below-average 73rd. They were 108th in fan relations, 105th in stadium experience, 104th in players and 99th in coaching. I guess that last number is to be expected after owner Stephen Ross tried to replace Tony Sparano but kept him anyway.

107. Buffalo Bills

The Bills posted a whopping seven scores of 94 or higher -- Bang of the Buck, ownership, fan relations, stadium experience, players, coaching and Title Track. Unlike the Dolphins, however, they did post one nice number, 19 for affordability. Buffalo's other team, the Sabres, came in 11th, buoyed by a No. 6 in affordability, a No. 10 in Bang for the Buck and a No. 12 in coaching.