Take your pick: Burress or Barber?

Connections have been made between the AFC East and two out-of-favor former New York Giants.

Wide receiver Plaxico Burress could be a fit for the New York Jets or a desperate Miami Dolphins offense. Running back Tiki Barber, despite his age and rustiness, could offer help as a third-down specialist for the Dolphins or New England Patriots.

Which player has the better chance of a) making legitimate impact, and b) not embarrassing himself?

ESPN.com bloggers Pat Yasinskas and Dan Graziano took sides in the latest "Hot Button" debate.

Yasinskas sides with Barber:

Barber didn't limp away from the game with an injury, as so many running backs have. He just walked away and entered a career in broadcasting. That didn't work out, but Barber hasn't taken a hit in four years. His legs have had time to recover.

He also seems to be highly motivated to make this comeback, and there's little doubt he's in top shape. That's why I'd sign him with only a couple of conditions attached.

Graziano would rather have Burress:

Burress, I can find a use for. I don't think he's going to come in and be my No. 1 wideout. But I do know he's still huge, and I have no reason to doubt that he can still catch. And if I'm an NFL team with good receivers but without that big-bodied guy who can go up and outfight defenders for the ball in the end zone (looking at you, Eagles), I'm offering Burress a very specific job that has a chance to make him look good and help me get to the Super Bowl.

I agree with Graziano on this one and agree with his point that when it comes to athletes who have something to prove, I'll take the guy who has a chip on his shoulder over the one who's motivated by his fear of oblivion.