Fearing the Roar (of Ndamukong Suh)

Another sign the Detroit Lions have arrived: Our friends over at ESPNBoston.com are debating whether the New England Patriots should limit the exposure of quarterback Tom Brady to the Lions' pass rush.

Mike Reiss argues that one quarter is plenty of action for Brady. Chris Forsberg thinks the Patriots should follow their normal philosophy for the third preseason game.

Me? I'm mostly amused that defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh's national reputation has already elevated to the hide-the-women-and-children level. It's true that he sacked Brady in last year's Thanksgiving Day matchup. His preseason hits on quarterbacks Jake Delhomme (2010) and Andy Dalton (2011) have been well-documented, and Suh himself has expressed concern that modern-day officials can't accurately gauge the consequences of his raw strength.

If I'm Brady, I'm heading for the hills.