Dolphins, Meriweather ... 'Milloy effect'?

Remember the Lawyer Milloy signing by the Buffalo Bills in 2003?

New England Patriots and coach Bill Belichick cut Milloy just before the regular season. The Bills -- New England's Week 1 opponent -- swooped in, quickly signed the safety, and Milloy helped pound the Patriots, 31-0.

Could history repeat itself eight years later with another solid safety: Brandon Meriweather? I think it's worth a shot for the Miami Dolphins. Miami will be underdogs against the Patriots on "Monday Night Football."

New England just released Meriweather on Saturday. Not only is Meriweather a good player, but he carries plenty of institutional knowledge about New England's defense, which appears to be using more 4-3 concepts and alignments this season. (Belichick won't confirm that, by the way.)

Wouldn't the Dolphins' coaching staff benefit from learning New England's defensive keys and tendencies from Meriweather? Couldn't Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne use an additional edge entering his dual with NFL MVP Tom Brady?

If a motivated Meriweather can have the "Milloy effect" against the Patriots in Week 1 -- leading to a Miami upset -- that alone would be worth the investment. On top of that, the two-time Pro Bowler is an upgrade over what the Dolphins currently have this year.

In fact, I can't think of any reason the Dolphins shouldn't pick up the phone to see if Meriweather is interested in Miami.

Can you?