Reiss: Ochocinco's defining moment

ESPNBoston.com's Mike Reiss wrote an interesting and in-depth take on Tedy Bruschi's criticism of Chad Ochocinco. Reiss believes this could be a watershed mark for Ochocinco during his tenure with the New England Patriots.

"Some agree with Bruschi's take, while others say it's too harsh. But regardless of which side you might fall on, perhaps we can all meet at a middle ground and agree that this is a potential defining moment for Ochocinco as a Patriot in this sense: How he responds to this media firestorm will tell us if he can integrate into the team's way of doing business."

I agree with Reiss. The Patriots have their own way of doing business, which is very different from Ochocinco's former team: The Cincinnati Bengals.

I covered Ochocinco for most of his career in Cincinnati. In previous years his response to Bruschi would be "Child Please!" His Twitter finger is probably itching to type those two words as we speak.

But that's not the Patriot way. They respond to criticism by winning and producing on the field. If Ochocinco wants to win his first postseason game and potentially get to a Super Bowl, he has to keep that in mind.