AFC East reacts to Brady injury

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Bills QB Trent Edwards

You never want to see that happen to a guy. I'm obviously one of the biggest Tom Brady fans. I'd say Tom Brady and Brett Favre are my two favorite quarterbacks, and any time you have a chance to watch them play live or play against them, you want to do that.

I would rather have him in there, honestly. I'd rather beat a team when they have all of their best players on the field at all times, and I know the Patriots' style, that they're good at coming back from injury, and I'm sure they're still going to make a run at it. So I'm not sure [power in the AFC East] shifts it at all.

Bills coach Dick Jauron

It's unfortunate. He is a great football player, and if they've lost him, then it's a big loss. But they've lost a big star at that position once before, and that's where Tom Brady came from. I'm sure that they'll keep playing because they are very good around him. He's been a very special player.

Jets LB Eric Barton

It's sad that it happened to such a great player, and I wish him well. We have to go about business as we would. I don't think it makes much of a difference. He's a great player, but the Patriots are the Patriots. They're going to adjust and are going to be a good football team, as they always are.

I would consider them still the favorite. I think they won what, 18 straight regular-season games? They are what you would call the team to beat.

Dolphins S Renaldo Hill

You always want to face him. You want to try to get the upper hand on a Super Bowl quarterback, an MVP quarterback. Just being a player in the NFL you want to compete against the No. 1 guys. That being said, we're going to have to prepare even more for [Matt] Cassel, knowing we're going to have to raise it up a bar with him. He may not be a Tom Brady, but he's going to bring something to the table and we have to prepare for that.

Dolphins RB Ricky Williams

I guess I don't look at things like that. We still have to play them. He's not the only player on the team. The thing that makes them so good is they play as a team. It just goes to show in this league that's how it is. I'm sure someone else will step up. You look around the league. Different guys have big years, so I'm sure someone else will step up.

Dolphins S Chris Crocker

It's devastating. He's a guy you want to see play, regardless of if he's an opponent or not. To see him go down is devastating, not only to his team, but the league. It's mind-boggling.

We have to take it as the AFC is wide open. Without him, it's definitely a different team. They're still the New England Patriots. They're still going to win a bunch of games, but without him it is a different team.

You can't say anything about him. He's like an ambassador. He's such a positive image for the league. You're kind of speechless. No one saw that coming, him going down. It's the farthest thing from your mind.