Did Jags' 'no-name' help Jets?

Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Jason Hill -- who caught 11 passes last season -- hinted that New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis was overhyped and overrated.

When asked about it, Revis had no idea who Hill was.

But nothing catches the Jets' attention quite like trash-talking. It's what New York does best. That's why Steve Serby of the New York Post believes Hill made a big mistake.

"You don't tug on Superman's cape. Any chance that the Jaguars could take advantage of the Jets falling victim to a post-9/11 anniversary emotional letdown tomorrow were scotched by a publicity-starved possession receiver with 55 career catches who thought it might be a good idea to call Darrelle Revis an overhyped benefactor of playing in the New York market. The Jets vow there will be no letdown because they believe they are a different team than the one that lost the 2010 AFC Championship in Pittsburgh in no small part because the divisional playoff game against the Patriots was, in many ways, their Super Bowl."

Perhaps the biggest irony is that Hill is listed doubtful with a hip injury. The player that did the most talking probably won't play. That makes Hill's comments even more baffling.

But Hill most likely will have an impact. As Serby writes, Hill already helped New York with focus and motivation for Sunday's game.