Remember the offseason?

Welcome to our first installment of "Remember the offseason?" It's a look back at some of the zany comments and incorrect predictions made from our AFC East community.

This time, we're not going to name names (warning shot). But occasionally we will run this post as a way to keep everyone accountable in the AFC East.


New England Patriots

  • "I have New England in third place this year...a patched back together D and an O-line full of grannys."

  • "You only have to wait five weeks for the proof the Patriots are overrated in the East. You're off to a bad start Walker."

  • "The Pats are also overrated. I look forward to seeing how well the Bill Belichick's system holds up as [Tom] Brady ages."

Miami Dolphins

  • "Someone copy and save this: If Dolphins O-line gels and plays solid, Fins win AFC EAST."

  • "Dolphins have a top defense and if we can get our offense clicking we should be able to make a run at the playoffs."

  • "[The Dolphins] have an improved OL, and their defense was top 7. They have a new OC that has tailored to offense to Henne's strengths, who consequentially has played excellent in the preseason. It just doesn't make any sense. Miami is at worst a 9-7 team."

New York Jets

  • "Yes the debate should be Sanchez vs. Marino, cause Sanchez has already crushed Henne."

  • "My cousin says our Jets are in really BIG trouble! We make CRAP moves while the rest of the division Improves! Boy! Do we STINK!" (I think most people know who this is.)

  • "The Jets will go 8-8, they will not get those 3 gift OT games like they did last year."

Buffalo Bills

  • "NE 10-6, NYJ 8-8, BUF 3-13, MIA 2-14."

  • "Rebuilding would imply that the Bills have been previously built."

  • "To talk about the Bills for a bit, the offense will be abysmal this year. Fitz will come back down to earth, Spiller will be exposed as I think Gailey will foolishly try to play him more than Freddy. Steve Johnson will be disappointing without Lee Evans drawing double teams all day, and the O-line is the worst it's been in a while and that's saying something."

Remember the offseason?