Morning take: Patriots-Bills predictions

Here are the most interesting stories Friday in the AFC East:

Morning take: It's a clean sweep for New England, although most view it as a competitive game. I'm staying out of the prediction biz this season. But I'm looking forward to the matchup.

  • Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times takes an in-depth look at Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Morning take: Wait until you read the beginning of this article. It will make you laugh.

  • Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel writes about the game within the game between Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy and Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.

Morning take: Rest assured that Daboll, last year's offensive coordinator in Cleveland, played heavily in Miami's defensive game plan. Daboll knows tendencies of Browns players like McCoy, tailback Peyton Hillis and the wide receivers.

  • Former NFL coach Brian Billick thinks the New York Jets (2-0) have a difficult road test against the Oakland Raiders (1-1).

Morning take: This game shouldn't be overlooked by New York. The Raiders want to bounce back from a tough loss, and the distance the Jets have to travel makes it difficult.