Dolphins can't pass on Andrew Luck

AFC East blog reader Chris believes quarterback Chad Henne wasn't the problem during Miami's 0-4 start. Therefore, if the Dolphins continue their current pace and land the top pick, Chris says they should pass on Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck and help another position?

It’s an interesting point. But here is my response:

James Walker: I agree, Chris, that Henne is much improved. He was finally playing closer to his potential before his shoulder injury Sunday against San Diego knocked him out for the season. Henne also is in the final year of his contract and would need to be re-signed. But here is where I disagree: The Dolphins have to take Luck if they're in that position. If Miami has the top overall pick, the team probably won 2-4 games. The coaching staff most likely will be replaced and a new coach will want his quarterback, not someone else's coming off a big injury. Luck and a new coach will be the quickest way to get Dolphins fans excited again. It's also the quickest way to turn a franchise around (see Tampa, Atlanta, Baltimore, New York). Scouts believe Luck has the potential to be a special quarterback. If you can't say the same about Henne, then you can't pass on Luck.