Morning take: Tomlinson to start

Here are the most interesting stories Friday morning in the AFC East:

Morning take: We suggested this move weeks ago, because Shonn Greene wasn't getting the job done. The Jets also want to feed off the emotion of Tomlinson playing against his former team.

  • Head coach Tony Sparano tries to offer hope for the winless Miami Dolphins (0-5).

Morning take: Sparano has it bad trying to coach a sinking ship. Miami has a chance to win this week. But, either way, Sparano and the Dolphins won’t win many games after that.

Morning take: Expectations were low for this group entering the season. But Buffalo's offensive line has done a great job with run and pass blocking. It also showed depth by surviving injuries.

Morning take: I've learned they have a dominant offense with the potential to get even better. Chad Ochocinco hasn't been contributing much to this group, for example. Once everyone is clicking, the Patriots could score even more points every week.