Sparano explains putting house for sale

Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano is the talk of Miami this week for all the wrong reasons. He lost his ninth game in a row as his team fell to 0-6 on the season, and Dolphins fans already are discussing his replacement.

Sparano added more fuel to the fire this week when 790 The Ticket in Miami reported that he'd put his house on the market. Sparano provided an explanation.

"When I moved into my house, I had seven people," Sparano said. "My daughter just moved out two weeks ago to go to college in Texas. I have zero people, nobody upstairs and where do I love to be? You tell me … beside here, where do I love to be? The beach, OK, the beach. So we are empty nesters as we speak. So I'm sure some of you guys might be rooting down the road to be empty nesters some point, some time."

Sparano also said he put his house on the market earlier this year.

"It was out there awhile ago and we took it off and then we put it back on and we took it off because of the season," Sparano said. "There was nobody here for God's sakes (laughing)."


This may seem rational for some people. But the timing seems awfully peculiar with Sparano on the hot seat in Miami.

Are you buying Sparano's explanation?