Remember last week: Bills edition

We warned you, Bills Mafia.

Someone had to lose Sunday's game between the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets. Therefore, one side had to eat a lot of crow for the immense trash-talking on both sides.

The Jets backed up their talk with a convincing 27-11 victory. But let's take a look at what Bills fans had to say leading into Sunday's game.


  • Mumdawg21 writes: Buffalo will have a field day with the Jets' secondary.

  • 14Fitzmagic writes: Mark Sanchez will throw at least three picks to the Bills, one for a touchdown. Bills will win by 10-15 points. Say goodbye to the playoff race Jets fans.

  • Bk2421 writes: Man, you Jets fans REALLY enjoy looking at what happened in the past and not what is going on in the present. Oh, we did this last year to the Bills. This happened over the stretch of these years to the Bills. Blah blah blah.

  • Taskerisgod writes: Jets, you don’t matter. Stop posting. You are third and don’t matter. You are the easy game on teams schedules.

  • jp123544 writes: B-I-L-L-S...BILLS BILLS BILLS...BUFALLO BILLS!! RUN FREDDY RUN...That's what he's gonna do.

  • SOSSED UP writes: Redskins offense>Jets offense.

  • ChrisHer1125 writes: Fred Jackson will rush for more yards than the Sanchise will have through the air.

  • Dcon522 writes: From the Jets fans I've talked to, they think they are playing the Bills of two years ago.

  • Faw67 writes: The Jets are the JETS -- the team the fails no matter what. The team that make fans put a paper bag over their heads. A team whose acronym says "Just End This Season".

  • Rich Baco writes: Unlike Jets fans...Buffalo will do it's talkin' on the field.

  • Huey5711 writes: Jets lose and lose big, Franchize throws three picks, 34-14.

  • NorthShorepsbc writes: Bills fans don't know what you are up against. You are facing a team that has guaranteed more consecutive Super Bowl championships than any team in NFL history.

  • NYxHITMANx writes: Hey remember the last time the Jets were in the Super Bowl? Neither do I.

  • Hanneman28 writes: Buffalo doesn't need the approval of other teams fans to be awesome and hard to beat. The just need to be hungry and fired up that way those same fans can call them a fluke at the end of the season while they are watching the playoffs from home. Go Bills!

  • Cuse271 writes: Have you ever studied the Bills offense? You clearly don't know anything about football. They clearly stumped Bill Belichick. Oh, that’s right, you know more than the best coach in the NFL? The Bills are for real, and not one of their fans expect them to collapse.

  • Jpicc8049 writes: Jets are No. 28 in rush offense. Pure awesomeness.

  • BigBS7980 writes: Apparently Fred Jackson isn't someone you Jet fans take into consideration. Better hope they game plan for him or it will be a long long day for your Yets.

  • Fifi592003 writes: I have a feeling the Bills and their fans will treat this game like the Super Bowl. Trust me, the Bills will be pumped up. This is why I see the Jets losing.

  • Khorvat2 writes: Bills 27 - Jets 17 #Yessir

  • Depor78 writes: It's gonna be a Happy Sunday at my crib son. Bills 38, Jets 7.

  • Secondfh writes: 90-0, Bills.

Remember last week, Bills fans?