Pats-Jets II: Chad Ochocinco doubt?

Now that receiver Chad Ochocinco is tweeting again, we can get a sense of what's on his mind during his struggles with the New England Patriots.

Here is what Ochocinco tweeted Tuesday night:

"You ever work hard at something but it never pans out the way you want or expect to?" Ochocinco said. "Curious how many of you gave up? Be honest?"

Are these seeds of doubt with Ochocinco? He had success all his career with the Cincinnati Bengals. But after eight games, it's clear that Ochocinco has not been a good fit with the precise, detail-oriented offense in New England.

I still think Ochocinco is capable of having productive games if he ever gets on the same page with quarterback Tom Brady. But time is running out to produce. Patriots coach Bill Belichick is showing he has no time to wait for players to come around.

Ochocinco has nine receptions for 136 yards in eight games. He's on pace for just 18 receptions and 272 yards, which would be career lows for the 11-year veteran.