QBR: Tebow better than Sanchez

There was some debate about which quarterback would play better in this week's prime time matchup between quarterback Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos and Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets

According to the Total Quarterback Rating, we have our answer.

Tebow outperformed Sanchez Thursday night by a wide margin in Denver's 17-13 victory. Tebow registered a 68.1 QBR, which is nearly twice as good as Sanchez's QBR of 35.5.

Sanchez completed 21 of 40 passes for 252 yards and one big interception, which was returned for a touchdown. He was hurried all game and looked very shaky. Sanchez admitted afterwards that he needs to play better and blamed the loss on himself.

Tebow was 9 of 20 for 104 yards but didn't make any big mistakes. He also rushed for 68 yards and a touchdown, which capped a clutch, 95-yard scoring drive at the end of the game.

I think Thursday's game brings up an interesting question. Which quarterback would you rather have right now: Sanchez or Tebow?

Sanchez is more conventional but hasn't made the necessary strides in his third season. Tebow plays ugly, but he's 4-1 as a starter this season. Which style of quarterback would you rather have?

Overall, both players have nearly identical QBRs this season. Sanchez's is 36.3 and Tebow's is 35.1.