More Scouts Inc. on Mark Sanchez

On Wednesday we wrote about the important tie between New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan and starting quarterback Mark Sanchez. Both have to be successful for the Jets to reach their ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl.

We also interviewed Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc., a constant contributor to the AFC East blog, to get his thoughts on Sanchez's third season. Here was part of our interview that didn't make the story.

"I think Sanchez has average physical tools, below average recognition skills, below average accuracy. He isn't comfortable throwing outside the numbers. He looks to the middle often. He's just too erratic. ...Not only is his ball placement not that great, he will flat out miss guys. I feel for Santonio Holmes. He's open a lot, and Sanchez will sail one high and throw uncatchable passes. I actually think he's gone backwards this year. I'm not sure the exact reason why. I think his supporting cast is worse than it's been."

Williamson admits he's been down on Sanchez since entering the NFL. Do you agree with his assessment of New York's starting quarterback? Or is it too harsh?