Morning take: Patriots in Super Bowl?

Here are the most interesting stories Friday morning in the AFC East:

Morning take: The Patriots have a shot in a flawed AFC. But home-field advantage will be important. In addition to the four teams listed (Patriots, Packers, Ravens, Steelers), I would add the Saints to that list.

Morning take: They have to for the betterment of New York's inconsistent offense. Both coaches probably have their own ideas on how to run things. But the Jets would be best if they took the best from each coach.

Morning take: McCoy is good but he's no Sanders. Still, the Dolphins have a big challenge trying to stop McCoy this week.

Morning take: Buffalo was holding out hope for Lindell. But with virtually no chance of making the playoffs, there was no reason to risk it. Lindell had another solid season before the injury. He had Buffalo's most memorable kick to beat the Patriots in Week 3.