Morning take: Will Dolphins go top shelf?

Here are the most interesting stories Tuesday morning in the AFC East:

Morning take: Miami should certainly start at the top. But if we’re talking Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden, I don’t think it will work. Miami is unwilling to give up complete control and that’s what it will take to land the very best.

Morning take: Fitzpatrick is streaky and hasn’t been at his best in the second half of the season. Fitzpatrick still has a lot to prove that he will not be the next Kevin Kolb.

Morning take: Losing Jim Leonhard for the season is big for New York, but Pool can help soften the blow. Pool is the team’s most athletic safety.

Morning take: New England has been playing down to its competition lately. Whether it’s not finishing or keeping games too close, the Patriots have a few more weeks to work through it before the playoffs.