Morning take: Mark Sanchez in Pro Bowl?

Here are the most interesting stories Thursday morning in the AFC East:

Morning take: Sanchez has career highs in touchdowns (21) and passer rating (83.1), but he is not a Pro Bowl quarterback. Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger are locks. The third quarterback is debatable.

Morning take: I don’t buy that at all. New England has the worst-rated defense. The proof is in the numbers and on film. Brady is just protecting his teammates and saying the right thing.

Morning take: I think it all comes down to the price tag. The Bills have a good idea what Johnson's value is to the team. If it doesn't match up to what Johnson's reps think his value is, he will walk or get the one-year franchise tag.

Morning take: Bowles has a three-game audition for the job, and it starts in Buffalo. You never know how a team will respond to a coaching change. But the Dolphins have fought hard through adversity all year.