Remember last week: Tebow edition

Tim Tebow was the hottest topic in the AFC East and the NFL leading up to Sunday's 41-23 loss to the New England Patriots. We had a ton of Tebow supporters and fans of rival teams who predicted Denver would pull off another miraculous win.

Here is a sample:

  • Dave_557 writes: A lot of old guys on the Pats that have to come up big in the thin air of Denver. Can't be good.

  • Dave_557 writes: I'm telling you this: Tebow is another Peyton Hillis. We all remember what he did to a better Pats' D last year.

  • Dave_557 writes: A slip up this weekend and it's buh bye/bye. Another game like the Skins or Colts games and Tebow will take advantage.

  • Dave_557 writes: [Root for] Tebow. Jets can still win the division.

  • Sewarj writes: IT'S TEBOW TIME...Adjust your clock and get use to it!!!

  • HisHugeness writes: He shattered the mold. And, all he does is win. All all all he does is win.

  • Chino190 writes: Even at 56-0, Tebow will find a way to score 57 points in the last 4 minutes.

  • NxSteven writes: Look, if Vince Young can throw for 400 yards vs. the Patriots, I'm convinced Tebow can put up 200 and a TD.

  • TheFumble1 writes: Broncos, 27-24. I have watched many incredible things happen at Mile High over the years and i feel the magic coming back. Plus I really believe the Broncos Von and Doom will sack and harass Brady.

  • ComeOn80 writes: I think Denver (and Tebow) will fair better against teams like the Patriots than against teams like the Bears.

  • ChuckFbanks1976 writes: Pats have been playing with fire all season and have gotten away with it. Who is the real fraud here? Tebow or the Pats 'D'? Who is overrated? Tebow or Belichick?

  • Littewing709 writes: Tim Tebow's passing is good when he is throwing against the Pats' secondary. Everything is relative.

Remember last week?