Take your pick: Jets at Dolphins

I'm having trouble picking this game. So I need your help.

Who will win Sunday's matchup between the New York Jets (8-7) and Miami Dolphins (5-10)? Take your pick.

It's no secret the Dolphins are playing better football. They are coming off a tough loss to the AFC East champion New England Patriots. But Miami was up 17-0 at halftime and gave New England a tougher run than New York could in two games.

The Jets have talent but underachieved this year. They still have a slim chance at the playoffs but need to beat Miami and have a lot of other scenarios fall into place. But New York did win the first meeting against the Dolphins in Week 6, 24-6.

Using our SportsNation poll, take your pick between the Jets and Dolphins. The winning team in this poll will be my pick in Thursday's "Walker's AFC East picks." It's the last pick of the season, and it's my holiday treat to our community.