On Mark Sanchez's biggest tendency

Third-year quarterback Mark Sanchez has been under a lot of criticism following the New York Jets' two-game losing streak. This stretch most likely cost New York a spot in the playoffs.

But the AFC East blog decided to look deep inside the numbers to figure out parts where Sanchez must improve next season, and we found something that was very interesting.

Everyone who watches the Jets on a regular basis knows Sanchez throws a lot over the middle. But how much is too much?

According to ESPN's Stats and Information, Sanchez has thrown 305 of his 511 passes inside the numbers. To Sanchez's credit, he's completed 62 percent of those passes over the middle. But opponents have clearly picked up this tendency. Ten of Sanchez's 15 interceptions also have come inside the numbers.

Crowd the tight end over the middle and watch the slants to receivers, and you've pretty much figured out the Jets' passing game. New York is ranked 27th in the NFL, despite a bevy of talented weapons.

Sanchez and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer need to do a better job of being less predictable with New York's passing attack. Using the entire field would go a long way to helping the Jets.