Why Dolphins should root for Colts Sunday

Want to know how the Miami Dolphins can suddenly get back in the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes? It would take just one more win Sunday by the Indianapolis Colts (2-13) against the Jacksonville Jaguars (3-12).

If the Colts win their third game in a row to finish the season, they could be saying adios to Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. The St. Louis Rams (2-13) currently hold the No. 2 overall pick and are expected to lose Sunday to the San Francisco 49ers (12-3). A Colts victory and a loss by St. Louis would give the Rams the No. 1 overall pick next April.

Although it's not a 100-percent certainty, the Rams would be much more likely to pass on Luck. St Louis has a franchise quarterback in Sam Bradford, who is the 2010 No. 1 overall pick with a $78 million contract. The Rams probably have little interest in drafting two quarterbacks in three years with the top overall pick.

Unlike Peyton Manning (35) in Indianapolis, Bradford (24) and Luck (22) are both younger players. Having both quarterbacks in St. Louis wouldn't make much sense.

This means the Rams would be willing to listen to trade offers from the Dolphins or anyone else for Luck and the No. 1 overall pick. Would St. Louis be interested in Miami left tackle Jake Long and the No. 8 overall pick, for example? What about Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall and the No. 8 pick? Imagine the possibilities.

The Dolphins received bad news last week when USC quarterback Matt Barkley chose to stay in school for his senior season. But if the Colts win Sunday and give the No. 1 pick to the Rams, that will certainly make up for it.