Remember last year: 2011 flashback

On Sunday we officially start 2012. But before that, let's end 2011 with a bang, courtesy of zany comments and predictions we received from our AFC East community last season.

Here are the "Remember last year" greatest hits of 2011.


Buffalo Bills (6-9)

Brunocraig writes: This Bills team is special this year.

Rodikman35 writes: Move over Pats. Move over Tom Brady. The Buffalo Bills are taking your seat at the BIG KIDS TABLE this season! Buffalo Bills AFCE CHAMPS 2011.

Navyguy50440 writes: I'm calling my shot James Walker. The 2011-2012 Buffalo Bills will be 11-5 by season's end.

Dave_557 writes: I'll give the Bills a wild card behind the JETS cause the Pats will finish in 3rd.

MBryer0206 writes: I've watched them through 12 years of futility. This is not the standard Bills. There were tons of questions in the ‘08 run. This year the team has heart and all the questions that we had have been answered by how they've played for three weeks.

Psil0-Green writes: I expect to see this team in the playoffs (along with the Pats). The Bills are on a mission and I think if the Pats don't tighten up on D and make it to the SB, then the Bills will definitely be a huge favorite to go far.

Wpod64 writes: Let the Jets fan continue to indulge his delusional fantasies. He can think the Bills of 2011 are a fluke all he wants. It will just make the standings in Week 17 that much sweeter.

Karl123210 writes: So what are the excuses going to be when the Bills beat the Jets this week?

Deutchy writes: Bills are for real. The offense came together last year. Chan and Fitz are smart, but it's really Eric Wood at center this year that is making a huge difference!!! He is playing at Pro Bowl level. Get on the bandwagon ya'all - Bills will win the division.

Buffalobabe72 writes: I'm not saying Super Bowl yet, but I don't see a collapse like we did back in 2008 either. I can truly picture us making the playoffs, even if were in as a wildcard. And one thing I am SURE of, The Pats run of dominance IS OVER. They will come in 3rd in the division.

New York Jets (8-7)

50 Years of Failure writes: Kenrick Ellis & Plaxico Burress are taking this Jets team to a perfect season.

NYJets9161992 writes: The Jets: Anywhere from 10-6 to 12-4 is great and the best they could do is 13-3 if everything goes right.

Woody00714 writes: Maybin is a combination of May(be) and Has(bin), good luck with your new linebacker, I'll check back in a few weeks to see if he's made a tackle yet. Maybin, Maybinot.

SouthernVirtue writes: Sanchez is the only reason why the Jets are competitive. No fan of any other team in the AFC East will give Sanchez his props. Without his ability to roll out and extend plays, the Jets would be nothing right now.

Canemutiny writes: Bottom line is when the chips are on the table Sanchez is $$$$$.

JetsFan1971974 writes: Jets: 12-4. Patriots: 9-7. Bills: 7-9. Dolphins: 5-11.

Miami Dolphins (5-10)

Dolfan196761 writes: Miami will finish above the Jets this season. If the Pats stumble we will overtake them too.

Dolfan196761 writes: Monday sept.12th: Dolphins shock the Pats, 35-14. That’s the way I see it.

Dolphins12424 writes: I have been saying all along that Chad Henne has the tools but no weapons or speed on offense, the play-calling was 1970's and they didn’t let him audible. The handcuffs are off, he has weapons with speed, 4 & 5 wr sets finally. He will surprise the NFL this year and a lot of stupid people who cut him down will learn a lot about what it takes in football to be successful.

Boomsies writes: Henne is 10 times better than he was last year. He’s pretty accurate to go along with a strong arm. He looks way less robotic.

Machinehead.555 writes: Henne would crush Sanchez hands down if not for the red zone and clutch problems.

Trevpac writes: 1. Brady. 2. Fitzpatrick. 3. Henne. 4. Mallet. 5. Thigpen. 6. Moore. 7. Brunell. 8.Sanchez.

FINS-10ACJED writes: Dolphins: 11-5. Patriots: 11-5. Bills: 8-8. Jets: 7-9

New England Patriots (12-3, AFC East champs)

Cubitscustoms writes: Finally, a team that is not scared of the New England Divas. I can see the Divas going 9-7 this year. It looks like Miami will win this division. I knew the Patriots were overrated.

Jayndsun writes: Doesn't matter. Patriots will lose two to the Jets!

Bradysux10 writes: Really? The pats win 12?

And the 2011 "Homer of the Year" comment goes to (drum roll please)...

Snaetzker writes: Buffalo is going to go 16-0 and with a Super Bowl victory. Hollywood is going to make a movie about the "No Name Bills." I believe the Jets are going to win one game in their division against Miami at home this year and will finish at 7-9. New England is going to finish at 14-2 and be the first team in NFL history to have a 14-2 record and be a wild card team. Who cares about Miami?

Remember 2011?