Donte Whitner rips Chan Gailey

Apparently Donte Whitner still has sour grapes from his exit last year with the Buffalo Bills. The San Francisco 49ers safety is in the middle of a playoff run and still found a way to rip his former team and former head coach Chan Gailey.

Whitner told the San Francisco Chronicle that the 49ers' culture under coach Jim Harbaugh is much better than what he had in Buffalo. Whitner added that Gailey would publicly assign blame when things were going bad.

According to the Chronicle, Whitner said Jets head coach Rex Ryan "will never throw his players under the bus, and he puts all the pressure on himself. Coach [Jim] Harbaugh does the same thing. A lot of coaches, when they don't want the pressure on them, don't want the hands pointed at them or the media to turn on them, they put things out to the media that really shouldn't be out there. 'Oh, this guy should have made this play or he should have done this.' That stuff never works, and players really understand that and locker rooms understand that."


The timing of this was random. Whitner had all offseason and even the regular season to rip Gailey and his former team. But to do it after the 49ers won the NFC West and has a first-round bye was convenient after a great year in San Francisco and a 6-10 year in Buffalo.

Whitner and the 49ers will host the New Orleans Saints Saturday in the divisional round.