Pats-Broncos II: No chance for Denver?

Will the Denver Broncos (9-8) upset the New England Patriots (13-3) on Saturday? Probably not.

ButInsider ESPN.com's Playoff Predictor weighed in on Denver's slim chances of shocking the NFL world.

Denver is the biggest underdog in this weekend's divisional round. According to the Playoff Predictor, the Broncos have only a 13.33 percent chance of winning. The New York Giants are the next-biggest underdogs, with a 33.33 percent chance of upsetting the 15-1 Green Bay Packers.

As we mentioned earlier this week, this was the easiest possible draw for New England in the divisional round. According to ESPN.com's Playoff Predictor, the Patriots have an 86.67 percent chance of ending the magical run for Denver and Tim Tebow.

The final projected score is 29-16. Agree or disagree?