Morning take: More Sparano, Jets

Here are the most interesting stories Wednesday morning in the AFC East:

  • How will new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano fit with the New York Jets?

Morning take: Sparano has a lot of insight on the AFC East division, and that will help. Sparano also is well-respected. But his offenses in Miami weren't very dynamic, and that will be interesting to see if that changes in New York.

Morning take: Kelly is not coming to Miami. So let that one go, Dolphin fans. Miami owner Stephen Ross wants an NFL coach with experience. Jeff Fisher is the top target. But if Fisher goes to St. Louis, the Dolphins will most likely hire a top NFL assistant.

Morning take: Surgeries often can be difficult to track during the offseason. But through the magic of Twitter and social networking, player happenings are more public than ever.

Morning take: If that's the case, New England has no chance at winning the Super Bowl. But that theory is being challenged more than ever with rule changes favoring high-scoring offenses. The Patriots (13-3), Green Bay Packers (15-1) and New Orleans Saints (13-3) all have shoddy defenses.