Morning take: Should Miami keep waiting?

Here are the most interesting stories Friday morning in the AFC East:

Morning take: Yes, because they have to. The reality is Fisher is a good coach and he has all the leverage. Fisher is taking his time because he can, and the Dolphins and Rams won't back out.

Morning take: Is anyone surprised? Namath has been one of Rex Ryan's biggest detractors and this is another jab. I agree there are some questions. But Namath knows what he's doing.

  • Who ya got: the New England Patriots or Denver Broncos?

Morning take: I don't know many people picking Denver, except the Tim Tebow fans that send messages to my AFC East inbox. This is the biggest mismatch of the divisional round and it would be shocking if Denver advanced.

Morning take: This is an important position, because Lee works closely with Ryan Fitzpatrick. His development will be key these next few years to see if Buffalo can turn it around.