Pats-Ravens: Patriots wary of Ed Reed

Last week safety Ed Reed and the Baltimore Ravens' secondary made T.J. Yates of the Houston Texans look like a Division II quarterback. Reed had one of Yates' three interceptions in Baltimore's 20-13 victory in the divisional round.

New England Patriots quarterback and future Hall of Famer Tom Brady doesn't want to be the next victim. Reed's interceptions often come in bunches, and he's off to a hot start in the playoffs.

Here is Brady's scouting report on Reed, a fellow future Hall of Famer, entering Sunday's AFC Championship Game:

"You don’t fool Ed too often. Every once in a while you see him out of place but it’s very, very rare. When you break the huddle, you find where he’s at and you make sure you’re not lobbing the ball up in his zones, because as you saw in the Houston game, he’s going to go up there and make the plays. He’s just an exceptional player. I don’t think there is a weakness that he has. Coach [Bill] Belichick has a meeting with the all the quarterbacks and you talk about strengths and weak points of a player, and a guy like Ed and Ray Lewis, there’s no real weak points. You just have to be careful with the ball around them and understand that this is a team that really can get turnovers and they’ve gotten turnovers against us when they’ve played us. I’m sure that will be a huge difference in the game."