Rex Ryan likes Ravens over Patriots

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan has another Super Bowl prediction. Ryan likes the Baltimore Ravens to beat the New England Patriots in Sunday's AFC Championship Game at Gillette Stadium.

Here is what Ryan had to say on WFAN in New York on Friday.

"But the truth is this. The only way you’re going to beat New England is if you have a great defense. And when you look at the teams that won – obviously Buffalo was the one exception – in three years I’m talking about, the Giants had a great game defensively, they were able to get pressure on the quarterback, make plays in the back end. The Ravens had beaten New England before with a dominant defense. We beat New England three times but we did it creatively...a different type of defense, (Tom Brady) wasn’t comfortable. There are only a few teams...Pittsburgh, was more physical than New England. That’s why they won. So the Ravens, in my opinion, are going to take a similar approach to how the Giants played them."

This should not come as a surprise. There has to be at least a tinge of bias with this pick. First, Ryan spent many years as an assistant coach in Baltimore and modeled the Jets after the Ravens. Second, Ryan doesn't like the Patriots, who are his biggest AFC East rival.

Ryan has been known to botch Super Bowl picks before. The past two years he picked the Jets to win the championship.

Did Ryan get this Super Bowl pick correct?