Joe Namath can't have it both ways

Former New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath revealed at the presentation of his HBO documentary "Namath" that he regrets not having a better relationship with his former team.

Namath -- who won the Jets' only Super Bowl -- has been one of the team's harshest critics. Predictably it hasn't been well-received by New York's current regime of owner Woody Johnson, coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum.

"I feel awful about it, I feel awful about my relationship with the Jets right now," Namath said "I don't want them upset with Joe, but...I have to say what I see, what I think, what I feel. I think they can do some things better, no doubt."

Namath has been poignant in his criticisms. During regular radio appearances in New York, he's blasted everyone from Ryan to Santonio Holmes to the front office.

Perhaps what bothers the Jets the most is nearly everything Namath says makes big headlines and becomes national news. New York coaches and players often have to answer questions about Namath's criticisms which, right or wrong, causes a distraction.

Namath says he wants a better relationship with the Jets, but the choice is really up to him.

If Namath wants to be closely tied in with his former team, he needs to leave the harsh, public criticisms to the local and national media. There is plenty of that to go around, including in the AFC East blog.

Otherwise, the former Jets quarterback can continue to join the fray of the local and national media and be treated like an outsider. Namath can't have it both ways.