Mankins on Tuck: Dirty is 'a compliment'

INDIANAPOLIS -- New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck laid down the verbal gauntlet on the New England Patriots' offensive line. Last week Tuck called New England's offensive line "cheap" and "dirty."

Patriots Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins wasn't at all bothered with Tuck's comments.

"That's all right," Mankins shrugged. "We don't mind being called dirty or cheap or any of that stuff. That's a compliment to us."

New England's offensive line versus New York's defensive line is arguably the biggest matchup in Super Bowl XLVI. New England has allowed one sack in the postseason, and New York's defensive line has been on a tear. Something has to give.

Both groups are very familiar with each other. So expect things to get chippy and very physical.

"We don't like any defensive line, so they are on the list," Mankins said. "I don't think there's any more than any other team."