Tom Brady talks Kobe Bryant, Derek Jeter

INDIANAPOLIS -- New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is famous for his competitiveness. It's a huge reason Brady has three Super Bowl rings and is known as one of the top five quarterbacks of all time.

But who does Brady admire athletically? He was asked that question Tuesday during Super Bowl media day.

Here was Brady's response:

"I actually saw Kobe Bryant for the first time when they went to the [NBA] Finals in Boston. It's someone that I really look up to and admire, because of his competitiveness. I'd never met him before. You always watch other athletes and how they play the game and what makes them successful. You see them play the game the way you think it needs to be played, like Derek Jeter. I love the way that he plays the game. You see some of those great caliber athletes. You look up to them and admire what it takes day in and day out to be a great player."