Morning take: Patriots' runners-up edition

Here are the most interesting stories in the AFC East Monday morning after the Super Bowl:

  • The New England Patriots locker room was somber following their 21-17 loss to the New York Giants.

Morning take: This Patriots team felt it was championship caliber and came up just short. The game, as expected, came down to a handful of plays, where the Patriots failed to execute and the Giants did.

Morning take: The throw wasn't perfect, but a player of Welker's skill should have made the catch. Welker knew it and stayed on the ground after the drop. That put the ball in the hands of New England's defense, and we know how that ended.

Morning take: New York registered 398 yards. But the main thing is New England simply doesn't have the defensive game-changers needed to stop great offenses. That will have to change in the offseason.

Morning take: That would have been a history-making play. New England executed a Hail Mary about as well as you could in that situation. It’s really a game of inches.