Remember last week: Walker eats crow

INDIANAPOLIS -- Well, I guess that next New England Patriots dynasty will have to wait until 2013.

I stayed with my preseason pick to win Super Bowl XLVI and felt really confident about it. But I was wrong. The New York Giants beat New England, 21-17, on Sunday.

We run a full-accountability blog here in the AFC East division. So it's time to own up to my statements leading up to the Super Bowl.


  • Jan. 27 Walker writes: "Whoops! Did I reveal my prediction too soon? Oh well. There was no point in waiting. The Patriots will beat the Giants on Feb. 5 to win the fourth Super Bowl of the Bill Belichick era."

  • Jan. 27 Walker writes: "This is not only revenge for the Patriots, this is double revenge."

  • Jan. 27 Walker writes: "Teams simply don't beat New England three times in a row. [Bill] Belichick and Tom Brady are too good and too locked in to allow it. New England's defense is also playing much better in the postseason."

  • Jan. 27 Walker writes: "A lot of people, particularly in the AFC East blog, have criticized my Patriots predictions all season. But I have been right about them every single tie. New England was my Super Bowl pick in August, and I've never wavered."

  • Jan. 27 Walker writes: "Are the Patriots quietly building another dynasty? New England is the only team to win back-to-back Super Bowls in the past dozen years. If any organization is consistent enough to pull it off, it's New England."

  • Feb. 2 Walker says: "I think the Giants are playing with fire here. This is right in the Patriots’ wheelhouse. They are a quiet team, they don’t say anything, and they love it when people doubt them."

  • Feb. 3 Walker writes: "I picked the Patriots in the preseason, so there’s no point in backing out now. I doubt Tom Brady will have two bad games in a row, especially against an inconsistent Giants secondary."

  • Feb. 5 Walker writes: "Most experts are picking the Giants anyway, so this falls in line with that. I've been right about the Patriots all season and am sticking with that pick in the final game."

Remember last week, Walker?

But on a serious note, it has been a fun and exciting first season in the AFC East blog, right down to the final Hail Mary pass in Super Bowl XLVI. Thank you all for reading the blog and making for an easy transition.

We will continue to provide daily insight on the AFC East and start to turn the page toward the offseason for the Patriots, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills.