Herm Edwards shares Thigpen scouting report

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

After playing several rounds of phone tag with Herm Edwards, the former Kansas City Chiefs coach left a voicemail message to share his thoughts on new Miami Dolphins quarterback Tyler Thigpen.

Edwards, now an ESPN analyst, started Thigpen 11 times last year with Kansas City.

Edwards didn't sound optimistic Thigpen would compete with Chad Henne to be the starter, but suggested he can be a weapon in the Wildcat offense by comparing him to Pat White, the scrambling quarterback Miami selected in the second round.

White hasn't made an impact, but listening to Edwards' message makes you wonder if Thigpen will be able to help.

Here’s the voicemail:

"He's basically like White. Probably a better thrower. Thicker, bigger guy. Not as fast as White, but a pretty good arm, makes some throws. But he's really not a traditional-type quarterback. He's more of a wide-open guy like he played at Coastal Carolina. That's how we used him best last year. He's a very big competitor. Good kid. That's basically what he is.

"I don't know if he's a starting quarterback in the league at this point and time. He played 11 games for us last year. We only won one, but to his credit he's very competitive. He's just a young kid with not a lot of experience. He got some experience for us last year by playing. He can go in a game and it wouldn't be too big for him. Whether he starts or not, that's a whole different issue, especially if you try to play a traditional offense."