Rex Ryan on Sanchez and Holmes

The disappointing New York Jets imploded during the final month of the 2011 season. It's no secret the internal rift between quarterback Mark Sanchez and leading receiver Santonio Holmes was at the center of it.

Holmes and Sanchez did not see eye to eye last year and things boiled over in the regular-season finale when Holmes had choice words in the huddle and was benched in the fourth quarter. New York Jets coach Rex Ryan believes both will repair all that went wrong this past season.

"The one thing about those two guys is they have a lot in common. They're both competitive guys. They've had success in this league," Ryan said recently at the NFL combine. "Obviously, Santonio had the catch of all time maybe in the Super Bowl game. Maybe Sanchez hasn't quite had the success that Santonio has obviously being a Super Bowl champion, but he has had success. He won four road playoff games, a lot of those types of things."

Ryan said the pair have been successful together before and they can be successful together again.

The 2012 season is huge for everyone involved. Sanchez, entering his fourth season, is still trying to prove he's New York's long-term solution. Holmes has yet to live up to his big contract extension. Even Ryan has to prove he can get the team back on track.

How this Jets trio performs together next season will be one of the team's biggest keys to success.