Rams' rush rules out Miami at No. 2

According Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Rams want to have a trade in place for the No. 2 overall pick by the end of this week. That should all but rule out the Miami Dolphins, who are sitting at No. 8 but want to explore acquiring Peyton Manning, and potentially Matt Flynn, in free agency.

The Dolphins would be silly to agree to any trade involving Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III without checking Manning's interest and health status first. A healthy Manning would make Miami an instant contender. But if that doesn't work, the Dolphins also want to pursue Flynn, who was the backup with the Green Bay Packers under new Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin.

I understand St. Louis' thinking to rush the process. The value right now for the No. 2 pick will never be higher this offseason. Griffin is coming off an electric performance at the combine where he wowed scouts with his athleticism. He also has the game tape at Baylor to match, solidifying his status as the second-best quarterback behind Andrew Luck of Stanford.

But the same teams who are interested in Griffin -- Miami, Cleveland and Washington -- are the same teams who could make a run at veterans Flynn and Manning. Let's say, hypothetically, Miami gets Manning and Cleveland gets Flynn. The suitors and interest in the No. 2 picks falls significantly, which is bad for the Rams, who won't take a quarterback at No. 2.

The Dolphins weren't the favorites in the Griffin sweepstakes to begin with. St. Louis' hastiness virtually puts an end to Miami's chances.

Miami should leave the Griffin chase to teams like the Browns and Redskins. If one of those clubs give into St. Louis' demands by the end of this week, that is one less team Miami has to compete with for Manning and Flynn.