Brees hasn't seen pass D like Jets yet

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Drew Brees hasn't encountered a defense he hasn't been able to shred.

Buffalo Bills fans might want to point to Sunday's game in Ralph Wilson Stadium, where Brees and the New Orleans Saints were limited to a respectable 172 passing yards. But with Pierre Thomas maintaining a 9.0-yard rushing average and two touchdowns in the second half, Brees didn't need to cock his arm.

But Brees will meet his defensive match Sunday in the Superdome.

The New York Jets have give all three quarterbacks they've faced fits.

As the accompanying chart shows, Brees and the Jets' passing defense rank either No. 1 or No. 2 in completion percentage, yards per attempt and passer rating.

"The thing about this kid -- and we've played him before -- if you run a traditional coverage against this guy, he'll carve you up," Jets head coach Rex Ryan said.

Traditional never has described Ryan's defense.

The Jets are the NFL's only team to keep opponents from completing less than half of their attempts. They've held Matt Schaub, Tom Brady and Kerry Collins to 47.9 percent, more than 21 points below Brees' completion percentage.

The last defense to have allowed fewer than 50 percent of passes completed through three games is last year's Baltimore Ravens, who were at 43.5 percent. Ryan was the Ravens' defensive coordinator.

The Jets have kept opposing quarterbacks to 4.7 yards per attempt, nearly half of what Brees gains every time he throws.

"They have the best offense," Jets linebacker David Harris said. "They’ve got a lot of weapons. They spread the ball out and they’re lead by Drew Brees who is kind of lights out right now. They put up points on everybody, so we’ve got a handful this week."