Scouting S Mark Barron

The AFC East blog continues its look at top draft prospects who are potential targets for the division.

On Wednesday we took a look at Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Thursday, with the help of Scouts Inc., we will look in-depth at Alabama safety Mark Barron. The New York Jets, Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots all have needs at safety.

"I like making plays, period," Barron said at the NFL combine. "I would say the interception (is best) because that's more of a game-changer. That affects the game more. I like hitting and making interceptions."

Here are a few takeaways from Scouts Inc.'s report on Barron:

  • Instincts/recognition (average): "More decisive in early-season tape we studied than he was late in the season. But overall recognition skills are good. Another coach-on-the-field type. Diagnoses routes quickly in coverage."

  • Ball skills (above average): "Knows when to play the ball and when to play the body. Has good instincts and takes quality angles to the ball. Hands are good for the position. Production matches what we see on tape."

  • Run support (above average): "Plays under control. Diagnoses run quickly and fills hard in support. Shows adequate pop at the point of attack. Overall tackling skills are good but not great. The more space he's in the less effective he becomes in run support. Top-end speed is decent at best."

Scouts Inc. graded Barron a 94, which 12th among all college prospect. I think Barron's skills are a good fit for the AFC East. Agree or disagree?